I have decided to join the masses and become a blogger.

*Takes several sips of wine.* Let’s do this.


Admittedly, Nicaragua was never at the top of my travel list. When my friend moved there last year, I began looking into this beautiful country, and was shocked at what a hidden gem it is. Surfers, history buffs, adventurers, and beach bums can enjoy this diamond in the rough equally. I’m lucky enough to be spending over three weeks there, but the more I research Nicaragua, the more I realize no trip could be long enough to enjoy the bounty of experiences this emerging vacation destination has to offer.

As anyone who has planned a trip quickly realizes, the planning phase is so overwhelming. My goal this trip is to not focus on packing in every 5-star destination on Trip Advisor, but to enjoy each moment that I am able to enjoy.

Of course, the only barrier to this is the small fact that I’m moving back to D.C. in eleven days. So I’ll have to pack, ship all my belongings, plan my trip, unpack then repack everything for Nicaragua, and learn Spanish.

After my relaxed years here, enjoying the mountains and learning how to live slowly, I have to wrap up my time here in a massive and messy scramble. The stress! I mean, el estrés!


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